U.S. Nationwide Searches

Architects (AIA)
Aircraft Ownership & Pilot Registration
Attorneys - Martindale Hubbell Directory
Bankruptcy Clerks
CDC - Hazardous Substance Release/Health Effects Database
CDC - "WONDER" Databases Mortality, cancer incidence, AIDS, etc. data sets.
Census - Tract Street Locator
- Consolidated Federal Funds
- Factfinder
Chamber of Commerce Directory
Coast Guard - Base Locations
- Commercial Fisheries Vessels - by name
- Commercial Fisheries Vessels - by ID
- Detained Vessels
Death Records from Social Security Administration
Excluded Parties List Service
FCC Amateur Licenses by name or call sign
FCC Digital Index
Federal Elections Commission
Find a County
Funeral Homes
HUD Refunds
Inmate Locator Phone Numbers
INS - Employer Sanctions Database
Land Patents - Eastern States 1820-1908
Lobbyists Database
Legal - Bankruptcy Code
- Fedlaw Legal Resources
- Supreme Court Opinions
- Municipal Codes and Ordinances
- Legal Topics Database & Law Knowledgebase
Medical - American Medical Association
- American Hospital Directory
- Physicians Specialty Certification
Military - Department of Defense Alumni Database
- Marine Corps Bases
- Military Locator Service (fee)
- Military Records
- Navy Bases
- U.S. Air Force Bases
- U.S. Army Bases
- Vietnam Casualties
NASD Stock Broker Registration
Notaries - American Society of Notaries
Patents Database
Pension Search Directory
Securities and Exchange Commission Filings (EDGAR)
Superfund Environmental Database
Tax Assessors' Phone Numbers and Web Sites
Town/County Database Interactive Search
Trademarks Database
Vital Records Resources
Zip Code Directory

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